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 (Karazhan) Moroes Strategy Guid

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PostSubject: (Karazhan) Moroes Strategy Guid   (Karazhan) Moroes Strategy Guid Icon_minitimeFri Aug 17, 2007 12:31 am

VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PwcCODurf50

Special Abilities
Vanish: Will vanish from sight every 35 seconds.
Garrote: Applied to a random party member after returning from Vanish. (Divine Shield, Ice Block, and Blessing of Protection remove it)
Blind: Same as rogue blind. Will blind second-highest aggro. (A shaman or paladin should dispel it).
Gouge: Disables the current highest aggro. The second highest will be attacked.
Enrage: at 30%, Moroes enrages.

Moroes will have 4 random adds that pull along with himself:

Baron Rafe Dreuger - Retribution Paladin (Two-Handed, Hammer of Justice)
Baroness Dorothea Milstipe - Shadow Priest (Mind flay/Mana Burn 100% Mana)
Lady Catriona Von'Indi - Holy Priest (Heals)
Lady Keira Berrybuck - Holy Paladin (Divine Shield/Dispel Shackle)
Lord Crispin Ference - Protection Warrior (Shield/One-Handed)
Lord Robin Daris - Mortal Strike Warrior (Mortal Strike/Whirlwind in Place)

One add will be Shackled and two will be killed before damaging the boss.

Holy Priest, Shadow Priest, and Protection Warrior are never Shackled.
Always Shackle the Mortal Strike Warrior (reapply Shackle every 5 seconds if not sooner).
If there is no Mortal Strike Warrior, Shackle the Holy Paladin.


(Karazhan) Moroes Strategy Guid Moroespositionsob9.th

Raid positions during the Moroes encounter

Red Square: Main tank tanking Moroes. Moroes will occasionally Vanish and return to your position.
Teal Square: Off tank warrior tanking adds numbered 1 and 2. Maintains aggro on the adds as well as the boss.
Second aggro to the boss is required.
Pink Square: Druid in healing gear tanking add number 3. This add will be killed first. This druid should call out important information such as "mana burn" or "heal".
Blue Square: Position of the Shackled add number 4. Remains Shackled the entire fight.
Green Square: Ranged DPS.

The Pull

The off tank warrior will pull one designated add.
A priest will Shackle immediately.
A druid will peel off and tank the designated add in position.
The main tank will peel and tank Moroes in position.
Before the pull is made the raid leader should raid icon each add and make assignments.

Kill Order By Threat

Shadow Priest -> Holy Priest -> Holy Paladin -> Retribution Paladin

This means: The Shadow Priest will always be killed first if spawned, followed by the Holy Priest.

If one add is not spawned more along the chart. For example, if the shadow priest does not spawn, kill the holy priest then the
retribution paladin.

The goal is to take down two adds as quickly as possible. Blow trinkets, Bloodlust; whatever you have on the first add. The first add killed will be tanked by the druid, and it will free up the druid to heal when it's killed. The off tank warrior will tank two adds, and maintain second highest threat on Moroes. One add will be killed before Moroes is attacked, but the other add will not be. The third add will be killed throughout the fight whenever Moroes is vanished. After both adds are dead, damage will be on Moroes whenever he is visible.

Healing the Main Tank Tanking Moroes: 2 secondary healers, preferably a paladin or shaman (Shaman will dispel Blind, Paladin will use Blessing of Protection garroted casters).
Healing Garroted Players: 1 Primary Healer, preferably a druid.
Healing the Off-Tank Tanking 2 Adds: 1 primary healer; preferably the priest Shackling ( this priest will Shackle an assigned add through the entire fight).
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(Karazhan) Moroes Strategy Guid
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