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 Karazhan) Maiden of Virtue Strategy Guide

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PostSubject: Karazhan) Maiden of Virtue Strategy Guide   Karazhan) Maiden of Virtue Strategy Guide Icon_minitimeFri Aug 17, 2007 12:32 am

VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ntukPabEZZc

The Maiden of Virtue is the third boss in Karazhan and is a very quick fight. She has very little HP and should die quite quickly. She is essentially a paladin as many of her spells can be used by paladins or are paladin in nature.

Overview and Preparation
The Maiden of Virtue can be a very tough fight the first few times. Her damage is strictly holy and physical. The only physical damage should be taken by your MT (Main Tank) who should keep the Maiden in the center of the room where she stands before she is pulled.

Maiden of VirtueThere are a number of potions that will make this fight easier such as Mana Potions for the healers to allow them to spam heals if need be. Heroic and Haste Potions will be helpful for any melee DPS for reasons that will be explained later on. It will be significantly helpful for your MT to have a Flask of Fortification or, if one is not available, a Flask of the Titans along with multiple Healing Potions. It would also help if any hunters had a Flask of Relentless Assault and if any casters had a Flask of Supreme Power. Any melee DPS should not need flasks as they will not be a major part of the fight for reasons that will be explained later on.

Shamans should be using Mana Spring Totems to help them conserve mana since the fight can be rather healing intensive. Also, since everyone is spread out around the room, everyone may not be getting the benefit of the totems at all times. If you are in a group with one of the melee and they are in range of your totems it would be helpful to use any totems that will help their DPS to help them make more out of their rotations.

Group Composition
The Maiden of Virtue can be a very group dependant fight. As a general rule, the more ranged DPS, the easier the fight will become. Also, having at least one, if not two, paladins is a major advantage for reasons that will be explained later on. A decent group for this fight would be one warrior, two paladins, one priest, two rogues, one warlock, one mage, and two hunters. Remember that this is nothing more than the ideal group and any of the ranged DPS can really be switched out for another ranged DPS class and it shouldn't really make much difference. Having a warlock is a big help though for the use of Health Stones, Soul Stone, and Blood Pact for your MT.


"Holy Consecration"
Deals around 300 holy damage to anyone within melee range of the Maiden. It also silences anyone who gets in range of the spell for a very short amount of time. The Maiden will have this spell casting constantly throughout the entire fight.

The Maiden will periodically cast Repentance during the fight, dealing about 2,000 holy damage to the entire raid and temporarily incapacitating them. Any damage dealt to a raid member with this debuff will break the incapacitating effect.

"Holy Fire"
Deals a large amount of damage and leaves a magical debuff dealing a large amount of damage over time. Cast on a random player or combat pet. The debuff can be dispelled and it is imperative that it is or the target will die quickly. Spell Reflection also works on it if the MT has the target cast bar visisble and reacts quickly, giving a nice DPS boost to the raid and saving healer mana.

"Holy Wrath"
Deals about 2,000 damage to a random target which then chains to all nearby targets for increased damage. Stay spread out to avoid the bolt chaining to multiple people.

Raid Positioning During the Maiden of Virtue Encounter
Karazhan) Maiden of Virtue Strategy Guide Maidenposlp3.th

If you wish, everybody can hug the wall and get near their positions without proximity aggroing Maiden. You can jump onto the circular ramp around the room and move without fear of aggroing her.

The fight should begin with your MT running in and beginning to get aggro on the Maiden of Virtue while the rest of your raid members get into their positions. The healers should position themselves so they are one each at the North, South, East, and West points of the room. If a priest is available, Power Word: Shield and Prayer of Mending should be cast upon your MT before he goes into the room to allow your healers time to get into position and not have to worry about the MT getting killed in the meantime.

Ranged DPS should stand in between the pillars that the healers are not in between, this should keep everyone spread out far enough to avoid the Holy Wrath spell chaining to multiple people. All ranged DPS and healers should stand in between the pillars. This way the pillars will not become a big line of sight issue for healers.

In order to avoid the Holy Wrath spell chaining to the tank from the melee, give melee a rotation for when to go in. There should only be one melee DPS alongside the tank at any given time. When the melee DPS that is currently attacking the Maiden of Virtue gets to 50% or lower HP, they should run out and either use a Lightwell if one is available, or bandage. Once that melee DPS comes out, another should go in. Once a melee DPS goes in they should use their Haste or Heroic Potions if available. since they will not have much time to be in there, and so they need to make it count. If the melee DPS waits too long to get out they are liable to be killed from the Holy Wrath. Note that even melee DPS out of melee range can still be hit by Holy Fire, and this still needs to be immediately dispelled.

It is just possible with enough coordination to get 4 players into melee with her. You need to be in an almost perfect diamond shape and at the extreme edge of her hitbox, though it is not easily done and is not recommended for early kills.

Hunters should not use pets in this fight since they can chain the Holy Wrath which will make the encounter very dangerous. Warlocks should only use an imp and make sure it has Phase Shift on. Keeping an imp in the tank's group can be very helpful (remember to keep the imp near him and keep it Phase Shifted) since at times it can become very dangerous for the MT from lack of heals after the Maiden casts Repentance.

In order to avoid the Maiden's Repentance spell incapacitating all of the healers and so killing your tank, it is immensely helpful to have a paladin cast Blessing of Sacrifice on your MT to break Repentance's incapacitating effect on that paladin and thus allow him to heal the MT until other healers are able to heal, or dispel other healers.

Alternative Repentance Strategy: Have a 'close healer', who stands a bit closer to Maiden than the rest, but still far enough away from everybody else. After a Repentance, the tank simply drags her to the close healer, who will then be awoken by the first Holy Ground. This takes about a second when done well.

Remember to dispel Holy Fire's damaging debuff as a priority, keep Blessing of Sacrifice on your MT, and have your melee stick to their rotation and the Maiden of Virtue should die soon enough.

Class Tips

There should only be one tank during this fight and for this one person it is important to be ready to use cooldowns such as Last Stand, Livegiving Gem, Shield Wall, Health Potions, etc. after she casts a Repentance, as you are liable to get very low on health while healers are incapacitated.

It is important to watch the entire raid for this fight since everyone will be taking damage randomly. However, it is most important to watch your MT and anyone who gets hit with a Holy Fire. If you can dispel Holy Fire's debuff, you should do it as soon as possible. You should not need to heal melee DPS if they are properly following the rotation.

Ranged DPS
Keep on the Maiden and get her down as soon as possible.

Melee DPS
Follow your rotation for killing Maiden and remember to get out when your health is at 50% or below. Remember to bandage or use a Lightwell if available once you are out of her melee range to save your healers' mana.
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Karazhan) Maiden of Virtue Strategy Guide
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